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Alpha Academy embarked its journey on 6th March 2016. Its Inauguration Ceremony was blessed with the presence of prominent leaders.

With only one vision in mind, establishment of well-facilitated English Medium School in the rural area of Nimera, the Director Of Alpha Academy Mr. Rajpal Kataria and President of Alpha Academy Mr. Suraj Mal Choudhary set out to embark upon the journey to attain this vision.

Their struggles met with a huge success with the enrollment of huge amount of students in the first session of the school in the year 2016-17.

But the vision was not just to establish the school, but to keep on working for the betterment of students in the area of Nimera, that’s why Alpha Academy aims and strives to provide  excellence in education not just in scholastic field but also in co-scholastic areas of education.

Frequent organizations of Cultural and Sports Events, Celebration of National Festivals, not only keep the festivities up but also provide a platform to the students to showcase their talents and through that enhance their skills. As is said ‘Gifts become skills when we polish them’.

Not every child is good in studies but he/she may be good in sports or any other activity. Alpha Academy provides a platform for students to polish their academic skills as well as co-curricular skills.       


Alpha Academy strives to achieve excellence by encouraging students to work hard and do well.

 The teachers at Alpha Academy are constantly motivating and inspiring students to give their best to all that they do. The curriculum in particular keeps the students grounded and well-prepared for studying enthusiastically and achieving top results.

Relatively small teacher-student ratio allows the teachers to give individual attention and ample support to the students. The children get regular feedback and guidance from their teachers and their progress is carefully monitored.

Parents are also given the opportunity to discuss their child's academic development in the form of Monthly Parent-Teacher Meetings, the attendance of which is compulsory for all the students.


Alpha Academy, Jaipur, has programmed a diverse and specialized curriculum, which helps the child to develop critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Curriculum development is therefore a permanent feature of this educational institution. Innovations are encouraged for an effective symbiotic relationships between teaching and learning to help imbibe the different perspectives within each subject area. The students become participants in learning, not just merely securing a body of knowledge, so that their learning becomes linked to their life outside the school.

Spirited participation in seminars, symposiums, discussions, publications, dramatics, public speaking and other activities that enhance concentration and classroom learning, enable students to acquire learning skills required for an overall intellectual, psychological and social growth.

With the help of the guidelines prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Our faculty members prepare the curriculum for the Primary and Middle section of Alpha Academy.