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Director's Message

From the pen of Director - 

“Education is the manifestation of perfection within man”

This famous quote of Swami Vivekanand holds true to the core of the heart of establishment of this temple of an institution.

Alpha Academy aims and strives to reach to the zenith of the art called Education. There is a basic form of knowledge in the heart of every human being and soul. What Alpha Academy strives to achieve is to carve out this knowledge and make it blossom to its fullest.

For that purpose, we provide the most suitable environment for the growth and development of the beautiful minds of our nation, for the leaders of tomorrow.

Education is not just a method to literate people. It is a revolution to better our existence making us the best form of us. Education makes us better from what we are. Education gives us thoughts and the power of judgment of right from wrongs and vice-versa. Education gives us reasoning. Wrong education could lead to the destruction of society, especially that’s why correct form of education is necessary. An education that keeps us on the righteous path. At a practical, worldly and empirical level, perfection denotes the ability to address various problems human beings encounter in society.

The main aim or motive of education is doing everything in our power to take this society from what it is right now to a form of Supreme Existence, perfection. Where there is no terrorism, no inequality on the basis of caste , creed, colour or religion. Where men and women work equally hard and equally enough to form the concrete walls of the society.   

Education must provide ‘life-building, man-making, and character making’ assimilation of ideas so as to develop an integrated person – one who has learned how to improve his intellect, purify his heart, handle his emotions, and stand firm on moral virtues and unselfishness.

To lead to such an aim, the establishment of Alpha Academy is like embarking on the journey for such a society.

 Alpha Academy will and always try to form a better society by imparting such an education as described above, in which the development of student is not just based on the pen and paper test  but an education where the minds of students are open to new horizons of knowledge and understanding.

True education is to see that the learning has manifested in us and our works.

Our Vision of education is to take India via the education imparted to the youth of India to new heights of achievement, new horizon of personal, moral, ethical and societal development.

Alpha Academy is just a small step to achieve these aims, but my institution and I will always strive to achieve that model of education and development in the youth of India.