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  • Student must come to the school neat and clean in their proper school uniform. Untidy dress, torn shoes, rubber slippers etc. will not be allowed. The parents are advised     to provide a neat and clean napkin to their kids for using it in lunch hours. A handkerchief should be attached to the shirt/frock of the child.
  • The school insists on strict punctuality and regular attendance. Those arriving late will be sent back.
  • Those found irregular in attendance, habitual in neglecting the home assignment, guilty of misconduct, will justify sufficient cause of their dismissal from the academy.
  • Students are required to assemble in the school ground at 8:00 A.M. for general assembly.
  •  All the books and note-books of the child should be covered neatly, with his/her name written on it. The school bag, the lunch box and the water bottle also bear the child's name in order to identify his/her belongings. Students are not allowed to bring any expensive or fashionable personal belonging to the school as only graceful simplicity    is encouraged.
  • There will be first half session on every Saturday and during that session drawing, sports and other curricular activities will be carried on.
  •  According to prevailing situation, rules and regulations of the institution can be changed at the time when it appears appropriate.



The intention to withdraw a student from the school must be communicated to the Principal in a prescribed form, at least one month (30 days) in advance, failing which one month fee will be charged. The student will submit the “NO DUES CERTIFICATE” to enable the school to issue the Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate.


  • All students must arrive at least five minutes before the first bell.
  • Students are not permitted to bring items of jewellery, other costly items.
  • Students will not be allowed to leave the school before the end of school hours unless specifically permitted by the Principal. A written application will have to be submitted     by the parents in this regard.
  • Students are required to bring the school diary every day.
  • Please strictly adhere to school rules for better working and best performance.
  • Perfect behavior will be expected from each student, within and without the class rooms and in any location of the school campus.
  •  Preservation of school property and its environment: Students are required to show a sense of deep loyalty towards the protection of school properties and well maintained environment inside the class rooms, corridors, facility rooms as well as in the open areas.